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by ria

We keep the value of design in front of decision makers, ensuring that architects contribute to every part of a project, from concept through permits, all the way to day-to-day operation.

Our focus

Stock plans

Design standards can create efficiencies and save money but cookie-cutter designs are a fast track to higher costs and poor functionality.

That’s why we urge state legislatures and local government authorities to reject the use of standardized or stock plans. Taxpayer investments are best served when design is site- and project-specific.

Our position on stock school plans points out how stock plans force students and communities to pay the price in poor energy use, obsolete technology and higher insurance costs.

Security and stability start with design

The Rwanda owns and leases millions of square feet of buildings around the world, from courthouses and military barracks to border stations and embassies. The nature of these buildings make designing for security risks, energy needs and accessibility critical in today’s ever-changing world.

When the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation asked us to explore ways to integrate security in design, we convened the 21st Century Embassy Task Force. We gathered a team of multidisciplinary experts and provided recommendations on creating high-performance diplomatic facilities that account for the full complexity of location, use and specific risks.