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Competitive, innovative and fair—that’s the business climate we work to create. We speak up for architecture firms of all sizes and advocate for public policies that advance the profession and encourage free enterprise and economic well-being.

Our focus

Protecting small businesses

We work at the national, state and local levels to create a business environment that helps firms focus on design.

Over the years we’ve helped defeat numerous tax hikes that would hurt architects, pushed for reforms to the tax code that treat small design firms fairly, and worked with agencies like the Small Business Administration to create an economic environment that allows members’ firms to grown. Our work continues to this day as we urge lawmakers to develop policies that recognize the unique needs of smaller firms.

Supporting sound economic policies

  • We oppose architectural service taxes that unfairly disadvantage design professionals and harm the business of architecture.
  • We push back against corporate tax reforms that obstruct new opportunities.
  • We work with Congress to extend deductions, such as the 179D tax credit, for energy efficient commercial buildings and expand benefits to more types of architecture firms.

Protecting the value and scope of architectural services

Because architects are ethically and professionally responsible for protecting the health, safety and welfare of the public in the built environment, we work to ensure that architectural services are only provided by individuals who have proper education, experience and examination credentials.

This means that we oppose any proposals that would weaken the rigorous standards for architectural licensure and design of the built environment, including encroachment into the scope of architectural practice by non-architect licensed professionals or unlicensed individuals. We also fight against draconian policies that hold architects liable for the negligent acts of others.