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We develop building codes that make the built environment and communities safer and more resilient—updating codes, pushing them beyond the bare minimum and ensuring they encourage business growth.

Our focus

Better codes for safer buildings

Viable, up-to-date building codes can help save lives and prevent damage from disaster. We develop these codes and assist in their adoption.

We encouraged representatives in Congress to cosponsor the Safe Building Code Incentive Act, which prompts states to use updated model building codes and increase disaster assistance grants by 4 percent.

Streamlining codes, ratings, and permits

Conventional building and zoning codes may not include issues such as sustainability and walkability. We back the use of form-based codes, which can address these issues when thoughtfully and responsibly developed and we develop best practices for their use.

Studies have shown that green building certified projects cost less to operate, improve worker productivity, attract and retain more talent and encourage investment in emerging technologies—so we put our support behind Green Building Ratings Systems legislation that allows the use of a range of rating systems.

Permit review processes can cause unneeded delays to projects. We advocate for legislation that streamlines permit review processes and we create model forms that help reduce delays.